Bah Humbug! Beware of Scammers Preying on Unemployed This Holiday Season

I love gift wrapping. My dad is a bit of a freak about it and I think I followed in his footsteps. So imagine my excitement when I received an email from Best Buy telling me about a gift wrapping job opportunity available during the holiday season. Look, I’m unemployed…any opportunity involving something I like even a little bit excites me!

This email didn’t go into my spam box, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think “Richard Miller” was reaching out to me and only me. I am sure “Director of Communications” didn’t scream gift wrapper when he poached my email from some career website database. But I didn’t let it bring me down. It was the holidays and this seemed like a cool way to make some extra cash and kill some free time, so I emailed him back for some more info. “A new Best Buy just opened up in Jersey City,” I thought to myself. I know so many unemployed people, maybe we can do this together and make a thing of it!

How many of you are laughing at me right now? Don’t feel bad, because I’m laughing at myself as I write this. The email fails to send ( he had a Best Buy domain – I’m not that bad!), so I call the number Richard provided for me in his correspondence. I’m directly connected to “Welcome to HR department” and some elevator music. No Best Buy, not even the HR department, just HR Department. Now my senses are peaked. Could this be a scam?

I waited on hold for maybe 3 minutes. “Everyone probably got this email all at once,” I’m thinking. “The lines are bum-rushed.”

Finally, I throw in the towel, accepting defeat, realizing there is no Richard Miller, no Best Buy gift wrapping holiday temp job, just gullible me.

What I didn’t understand was what kind of scam this could be. Did they want to get my social security number or other personal information if I filled out a job application? Rob or carjack me when I showed up somewhere to wrap all these gifts? No, not even close. When I did a little research, I found out that this was a “wrap from home scheme.” What these people do is send you stolen merchandise and pay to have it shipped across the globe, then disappear and never pay you.

Usually I am smarter than this. Maybe I should lay off the egg nog! Happy holidays!


39 responses to “Bah Humbug! Beware of Scammers Preying on Unemployed This Holiday Season

  1. Just recieved Mr. Millers email. Straight to the trash it went…

  2. Thanks for posting! I got to the second email exchange and started wondering (really after the first email!) when this second one says, “you” accept these products (digital cameras!) to wrap. Then the time turn around begins to mount (wrap and ship back out within the same day!!) and then the statement about my own expenses to ship and pay for gas… that’s when I went checkin’ this one out and found you!
    Guess how I’ll be treating Mr. Miller’s emails now?!
    Crazy! Crazy stuff out there in the world!

    Thanks again! Stay safe!

    • There also saying there from Amandas Gift llc they contacted me through craigslist. They day their Kate Rubin as manager and Sean Hoffman as HR manager..PLEASE BE AWARE there doing this NOW…

      • I have been working for Amandas gifts with Kate Rubin as a gift wrapper for a couple weeks and was starting to feel uneasy, so I started looking online and just found your comment. How have you been scammed. what is your experience and what advise would you have for me? Thank You

      • Wow. I have been wrapping for AG for about 3 months. Got pay $30 per gift. Im a full time student with 3 little ones. Trying to make ends meet.
        This is a brutal revelation

  3. I to got scammed, acutally im just finding out this is a scam, i been working for “bestbuy” international gift wrapping for acouple weeks and just found out today its a scam, i have a question most stuff i alreday sent to him, i still have a couple things, i want to get rid of them asap im thinking of sending them back to the store they came from and notifying them, what should i do i dont know how to handle this who do i tell? Will i get in trouble i honestly didnt know, someone pleaase email me and help me, let me know what im supposed to do, how to report him, what to do with the rest of the stuff, please email me ASAP, i didnt let the guy know im on to him yet. And please let me know you didnt get in trouble with the cops and i wont. Thanks Nick

    • I would call the cops immediately. Tell them the truth, it’s all you can do. I am sure they are aware of these scams. Good luck!

    • Hi Nick,
      I have been through the same thing with this scam, please update me if you have any trouble with the law. Today I received a letter from Cabela’s looking for payment for merchandise sent to me for credit card back charge. Have you had any thing like this happen to you?
      I would really apprecite it if you can tell what to expect.

  4. I received an e-mail a couple of days ago from Beloved Gifts LLC with the same saga. You wrap the gifts from your home, take a picture of the wrapped gift and send it to them, then mail the gift to the recipient. I kept trying to figure out why they would pay someone $30 for doing this. I checked the address that they gave me as theirs on an internet search. The address came up as a Catholic Bookstore in MT. I called the bookstore and asked if they have any connections with Beloved Gifts, to which they replied “NO”. I don’t know who I should call to report this scam to. The bookstore lady was a little freaked out that someone was using their address. Sounds like the same thing you had with “Best Buy”. Wow, how sad that people prey on the unemployed like this!

  5. Now this is on Craigslist, so be careful! It is under the Beloved Gifts, LLC name. I found it in the cities of Houston and Phoenix, so be forewarned!!

  6. Thanks all for the heads up! It did sound like a fun opportunity, and too good to be true, but I enquired, then found the posts about it being a scam. I live in Houston, and often search Craigslist for jobs.

  7. I wrapped and sent out 4 presents for Beloved Gifts LLC. This is definitely a scam and it is prevalent all over per police. The packages were shipped to me via UPS & Fedex and it was all micro managed as to what to do next via email exchanges as far as when to expect gift, how to wrap it, getting approval from designer on pictures submitted and them forwarding prepaid express postal slips for you. All the packages were sent to RUSSIA. Nick you are not alone and this is rampant. Beware Karma is a Bitch and this is not worth getting upset for not getting paid. They will get what they are putting out to the universe one way or another.

  8. Oh My Goodness!!! You have got to be kidding me! I have been wrapping gifts for Beloved Gifts for two weeks now…. and should have expected to receive my first paycheck this week. Is everyone absolutely positive that this is a scam? I feel like such an idiot. Did any of you actually wait for payment and not receive anything? Is the contact Kate? I am so disappointed and thought that I had really lucked up by finding something like this. Then my biggest concern is will I get in trouble with the law? What should I do???

    • I received an email for a Kate Levinson I believe and Martha Snyder but they called themselves Pure Gift company I wish I had of read this before I got in all this trouble.

  9. Charlie, did you ever receive your first paycheck? I’m currently working for Kate as well and should expect a paycheck the first week of January.

  10. Charlie and Arianna,

    I have been wrapping gifts too for about 3 weeks. It was the same thing, an email saying when I would receive the gift, a email with wrapping details, then send photos for approval then receive a prepaid customs shipping label and all of the ones I did went to Russia. I thought it was a little strange but who am I to question who they ship to. Ok here comes the bad part. I was suppose to get paid on the 29th of dec and I have yet to hear anything from Kate Levinson. Ive emailed several times with no response. I should have known that $60 per wrapped item was to good to be true. But oh well this is a lesson learned. I wonder if we can take any type of leagal action against them.

    • I was doing the same this for the last 5mos and they called themselves puregift and 35.00 per gift. My email came from Kate Levinson and then Martha Snyder. But I actually got paid for the items now I’m in a world of trouble with the police assuming I’m the one taking people credit card information since they used my name address and telephone #. I wish I hadn’t been so dumb I’m just an innocent person trying to take care of my family while going to school full time. If anyone have any advise I would appreciate it because I’m so worried now.

  11. beloved gifts did this to me as well. Although they stopped sending me gifts after two weeks of wrapping. They even left me with a gift; they never sent me the shipping label and never contacted me again. Its been over a month since I’ve heard anything from them

  12. What did you do with the gift ??

  13. I contacted authorities and they have never heard of the scam or anything. The item also wasn’t reported stolen. So as far as they were concerned it was mine to keep.

  14. This seems like a bust. my emails are sent back and the website is down. I am just going to make a report and consider it a waste of time. This freaking sucks but i guest i should have asked more questions. Makes sense though now, all the addresses were to russia as gifts. That should have been my first sign sense nothing had Kate or the companys name on it.

  15. I was wrapping for Best Buy back in Oct and Nov of 2010. As I waitied for my check I kept sending out things, but once I started to qeustion where my check was, I no longer received any more packages and my e-mails were rejected. Today I received a letter from Cabela’s saying that a credit card was charged backed to customer, because the items was shipped to me, they want $469.00. The address on the invoice was wrong and I never signed for any packages. Has anyone had this same experience, I’m thinking I better get a lawyer. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  16. I just want to let everyone know how serious of a scam this is. I guess I’m the dumbest person in the world to actually believe this shit and start working for this company. I received an email about 5mos back in regards to becoming a part-time gift wrapping associate. At first I thought it could be a scam but when they sent me the link to the “Pure Gift” web site and I checked BBB I believed it was real. I sent them a copy of my ID along with my home address and telephone # and the signed employment contract as requested and started working soon after. They sent me 3 big boxes of gift wrapping supplies and my first gift to wrap a week later. I was shocked that these people actually trusted me with such expensive gifts such as laptops, cameras, iphones, ereaders, lego toys, etc. Most of the gifts were more than 500.00. I was a loyal employee and they paid me 35.00 per gift. I was so happy to earn income from home while I was in school and could help my husband with the bills and take care of my children. Little did I know I was really involved in a scam. I found out in Sept. that this company was stealing people credit card information and purchasing these items using my id and address making it appear that I was the one making these purchases. To make this long story a little short the police showed up at my house and arrested me assuming that I was the scammer and I now have an upcoming court date. I was smart and saved all the shipping receipts and labels and emails that was sent from the company. My whole life took a turn for the worst because I’m a victim as well as the people who were scammed for their money. I’ve never had a criminal record but I do now. My advise is for everyone to NEVER accept a job online and don’t post your resume. This is some serious shit and I regret being so dumb and I’m now going through a serious stage of depression because I’m so scared. Please everyone read this and warn your family and friends.

    • OMG, I just quit this job. I’ve been working for them and I’m now a victim too.

      • I also was scammed by Amandas Gifts. I also was hired by Sean Hoffman and worked under Kate Rubin (if that is even their real names) I have reported all the information that I have to IC3. If you lost any money you can also report it to the Sheriff. I have a family and have felt concerned, but was informed if you are a victim and can prove it, that you will be fine. So hold onto all your documentation and e-mails. I believe there is also a place called that gives help and advise to those scammed. I called the stores about the merchandise that went through my hose unknowingly and they sent me return labels, so I could return any merchandise I still had. The merchants/stores seemed to have seen this before and they all just put the case on their fraud list. So, don’t be afraid to call the stores for any merchandise you already have. It will be okay!

  17. Okay, so like everyone else, I’ve been caught in a gift wrapping scam. They know so many people are out of work, so they prey. I was soooo excited to find part time work:( They know we will look up the company on the BBB site, so they use a ligit company and pretend to be employees. Thank God I didn’t give them a copy of my driver’s license or bank info. I have shipped 4 packages, all to Russia! I did think that was strange. The post office contacted me and stated that the prepaid postage was invalid and probably apart of a scam. That led me to search scams using gift wrapping and found these stories. They were listed on Craigs list and using the name Gift Dilemma LLC.

  18. wow, 2 weeks into this and like everyone else, unemployed and STUPID!!! I know better. Thanks for sharing. My ordeal is a so called Company called It is a company that does gift wrapping so this scheme is pretty elaborate. More info available if anyone needs it. All laptops going to the Russian Federation. Needless to say tomorrow, I’m contacting the Feds.

  19. Hi Everyone,

    Like all of you, i was cought in this scam but luckily resigned on time. I applied on Craigs list to a wrapping job, this time calling themselves “primo gift LLC” and it sounded ideal as i am a student and was looking for a part time job. I was contacted by an “Eric Blount” an HR manager and he sent me employement agreement contract specifying the conditions of the job. Since i am already a very suspicious person in nature, i replied that i will except the job as long as i dnt have to give him any personal info. The payment was through paypal and i did get paid on time. My boss was a “stacey logan” and the gifts were all sent to Russia! Which already seemed a bit sketchy. Since i asked eric from the start for their phone number and address to check the legitimacy of this “company”, i decided after few weeks of working for them, to see if they actually exist. Unsurprisingly, ive recieved a busy line , which prompted me to google “gift wrapping scam” and led me to all these stories. Neadless to say, I resigned the next day. Havent heard from them since. Shocker…. I hope this will help some of you there to be cautious. Roni

  20. Damn wish I would have found all of this sooner. I was contact by Eric and my boss was stacey logan from primo gift llc and have been doing the work since feb. 2012. 3 weeks ago is when I figured something was wrong when my paycheck that goes to my paypal account was first late and now they have informed me that my check was mailed to me. Still have not gotten paid and really have not gotten any gifts since my pay started not being deposited.

  21. Katrina and Roni…I was also working for Primo-Gift with 1st being contacted by Eric Blount and the emails came from Stacey Logan..all gifts were shipped to Russia as well…I also have not been paid since Sept 14 and was told to send my bank account information so the money would be deposited into my account instead of the usual PayPal…I told her that I don’t give out that information to anyone so was told a check would be mailed to my address…guess what?? no check !!! Anyway..I did have the police show up once already for electronics that were purchased with a credit card and they wanted to blame me!!! Thank God that I never throw anything…I brought up the Employment Agreement and had all the receipts and shipping info…I had to send them the info and so far (fingers crossed) I won’t hear from any other department!! I still have a few gifts left ..unsure of what to do with them…ebay maybe??? So sorry about everyone else who fell for this but I will be on the lookout for them under a different name….

  22. Beware they using Amandas Gifts llc now .Kate Rubin ,Sean Hoffman as HR Manager

  23. What can we do if we received the goods and have resigned. I do not want to get in trouble. Help!

  24. Hello. I found out about the scam last week. Ive sent out numerous items for Amanda’s Gifts. Kate Rubin, who ive been in contact with. Last couple of gifts, i found out it was a scam and got rid of them. I was nervous. Couple days go by and Kate sends me an email saying she will call the cops for my behavior. I send a email back saying I found out they were scams and got rid of all merchandise. Now, Im feeling really nervous, watching out my window. Not knowing whats going to happen. Someone Help me!!

  25. Crazy I worked for them to for 2 months and was paid every two weeks and now they owe me double the money and all of the sudden they are not responding. I am livid and broke. What should I do?

  26. I received an email this week and they are now going by Fab Gifts llc

  27. Is Fab Gifts llc a legitimate business? I’ve received 2 packages from them and sent one. Please let me know as soon as possible because I just received an I-pod to be forwarded to Tarzana. Kim is the person who assures me they are for real and will pay me $2800.00 per month plus bonuses for every package I forward. I have yet to get tax forms which makes me suspicious. Let me know what you find out, please.
    Joshua Carter

    • Don’t there a scam I had cops show up at my house read all the comments . Wow 2800 a month I only got 30 dollars per present wrapped and sent. also they are with Russian Federation they still peoples information you are middle man.

  28. Joshua Carter NO NO NO They are a scam read all these post I found this to late after cops showed up at my door they are thieves. Cops said my name was used in investigation for stolen credit car info. They use other peoples names and send you the gifts you are the middle person . Wow i was only paid 30 dollars a present I worked twp months before cops came . Don’t trust them call cops PS they are Federation of Russian

  29. Guys, FabGift is SCAM. I started work with them since Jan 9th. I got email from Vernica Hill HR Manager. She promised I will get paid $2800/month and $50 package, it does not matter how many packages I send. I still get paid $2800. I signed contract, sent copy of my drivers license.Kim Evans was my manager. They started shipping me packaged. They came to my home address under different names, including two Apple laptops, 2 iphones, 2 drones and other misc. items. She said I will get paid after one month. She pushed me to send the last package and after that they are not communicating.
    she sent me following email. I am glad I did not start it.

    “I would like to offer you additional income.
    You will get money immediately.
    We order different products from different counties of Europe.
    Our customers will transfer money to you, then you pay for order yourself.
    Your salary will be 5% from every operation.
    For example,it means that if you get 1000$, you will leave 50$ with yourself and send another 950$.”

    Are you interested in it?
    Kim Evans

    I spent so much time inspecting the pkgs. writing report, shipping them.
    My ID and PW does not work to log on and Kim does not respond. I called police to inform. I told them the whole story. I told him to add the case to the record so I dont get any problem later. I took his badge # and name.

    Guys be careful about the scams. Dont trust internet. They make fake websites and phone #’s.

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