I Can’t Wait to Say Goodbye to 2009!

2009 has been a rough year. Not just for me, but for so many people I know. It seems like every time I talk to someone, we’re discussing the bad instead of the good.

For me, it all started when my husband lost his job. Then we lost the house we were planning to buy, followed by me losing my job. Soon, our friends started losing their jobs, people got divorced, started dating the wrong people, admitted to addictions, lost loves; it was as if 2009 took a good look at everyone and told us all to, “F*ck off!”

Don’t get me wrong, there were great things that happened for some during this tragic year. People had babies, got married, bought houses, traveled the world; and thankfully, many of us are still lucky enough to say we have our health. Good things did come out of this miserable year. And thank God they did, because after all the heartache and depression that 2009 brought, not to mention catastrophes like the Buffalo plane crash I had to work or the Hudson helicopter crash that happened right in front our home, we sure did need them.

After reading my brother’s blog, I realized we weren’t just saying goodbye to 2009, but to an entire decade (and yes, I planned on writing this blog before I read his – I guess great minds do think alike!). I found out a lot of people didn’t realize it was approaching either. And something about a new decade, about getting rid of this rancid year we call 2009 out of the way gives me hope. Hope that we’ll find the right career path, or it will find us. Hope that broken hearts will be mended and the hurt will be healed. Hope that as bad as this year may have been, no matter what the reason, we’ll still have each other next year to celebrate and be thankful for all we have.


3 responses to “I Can’t Wait to Say Goodbye to 2009!

  1. Cheers to 2010!!!

  2. Great post! love how you ended this on a hopeful note- we can all use some of that!

  3. excellent…thank you for this. i was just saying to my husband that i am not only okay with goodbye to 2009…but 2000-2009 was a challenge – it was a large chunk of challenge and while there was a nice amount of good, there was a serious chunk of not so much. so thank you for saying it so much better than i just did and for reminding me of everything i have…your friendship being one of them. 🙂

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