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The Sounds of Silence

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for my parents to get out of the house.  I loved being home alone and having the place all to myself. These days, when I go to visit, I’m scared to be there without them!

For the last 10 years, I have resided in Hoboken. I’ve lived on a busy street, across from a hospital and under a lounge, so I’m used to noise and clamoring outside my window. When I head to my parents’ place in northwest New Jersey, the stillness scares the hell out of me.

Growing up on a mountain, I became conditioned to weird noises and random animals that would traipse around our yard. However, I never expected to be scared out of my wits being there alone.

Last summer, I stayed on the mountain while my folks were traveling. I probably called them at least 10 times to describe the creaks and noises that kept me from sleeping. Looking out the window though, there was no life; it was nothing but street lamps and dead silence, everything was so desolate.

During a recent visit, I was awakened by a red fox. While I have never seen the creature, its screams are that of someone being raped or murdered. The first time I heard it, I thought a woman was being brutally tortured. The screams were terrifying. I ran and woke up my family, ready to get the axe in fear of our lives. I was then informed, “We hear that all the time, it’s the red fox.”

I was beside myself. How could these noises come out of an animal that is leisurely hanging around our yard? Apparently, this is typical in areas where my parents reside. It was then that I realized I am now a trained city girl and despite my best efforts, the mountain gal in me is disappearing (and scaring me to death!).

When I moved to the city, I grew to accept the sounds of sirens and loud bar patrons throughout the night. Gone are the days of lifeless streets at 1 a.m. and the calls of nature. To me, a peaceful night consists of lingering noises out my door, assuring me that I am not alone. After a weekend at my parents, I’m afraid of what will happen when my husband and I up and move to the ‘burbs!

To hear the red fox, click here.