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How’d You Get THAT From My Resume?

Information Security Analyst. Licensed Practical Nurse. Project Engineer. Screen Printer. Speech-Language Pathologist. Intern.

Do any of these scream Public Relations / Communications professional to you? Yeah, me neither. But for some reason, they always seem to pop up in my daily job alerts.

I subscribe to a lot of job boards that automatically send you searches each day in an effort to “weed out” the jobs that don’t match your skill set or preferred job type. I have tailored these alerts time and again to meet my specific criteria.  After a year of job hunting, I have come to the conclusion that these saved job searches are a piece of crap.

I don’t know how anything in my resume would qualify me to be an Information Security Analyst. My specialties are internal and external communications, writing, and media strategies; not cyber threats and computer technology.  C’mon CareerBuilder, get your act together!

While there might be some similarities in the words in my resume and the professions listed above (can anyone say COMMUNICATIONS?), doesn’t nearly everyone have communications in their resume these days? Don’t we all possess communications skills in one way or another? Interpersonal, oral, visual, written, etc.? In this day of technological advancement, isn’t there some tool that can separate these jobs from one another? I mean, are the nurse, screen printer and project engineer getting my PR listings?

The job hunt is a daily struggle in and of itself.  The last thing any jobless person needs is a worthless job alert.  So to all the career sites out there that send automated job alerts, please do your due diligence to the unemployed and send the right jobs to your subscribers or don’t send any at all!


Making a Case for the Landline

About five years ago, I almost cut my finger off. It was terrible. I won’t go into the gory details or ramble on about how my boyfriend (now husband) and I had only been living together for nine days when the incident unfolded. What I will tell you about is how important it was that we had a landline.

While my finger was literally hanging on by an artery, E was desperately trying to reach 911…on his cell phone. His number was in the 917 area code and he was immediately sent to New York City’s emergency call center. Well, that didn’t help much considering we lived in Hoboken. Still, he told them to just send an ambulance, but they couldn’t. The operator had to transfer his call to someone in New Jersey. We didn’t have time for that. Blood was streaming down the white kitchen floor and I was screaming in shock. That’s when E picked up the house line.

“911, what’s your emergency?” he heard on the other line. As he begged them to send help and began describing what had happened, the dispatcher read back our address. She knew exactly where we lived and rescue workers were already on the way.

It is because of this incident that I will always have a landline. I have thought about getting rid of it, as I have a cell phone with more minutes than I know what to do with and three times as many rollover minutes that I will never use. But my cell phone is in a 973 area code and I live in 201. I know people who have moved and have a South Dakota area code and live in Jersey. If they called 911, they would likely get an out-of-state operator and be transferred.

There are other reasons why I keep my house line, besides the amazing phone number I got when I first moved to Hoboken (sorry, I can’t share that with you!). I can’t always count on my cell phone reception. Whether it’s my equipment, towers, location, weather, or the ghost that invades my phone, there’s never a guarantee it will work properly. I feel better knowing I have another way to communicate with friends and family.

Most importantly, aside from 911 transfers and poor reception, I don’t think you can rely on a cell phone the way you can rely on a landline. Your cell phone’s battery can run out; better yet, the whole device can break within seconds (remember spilling soda on it while you were simultaneously trying to feed the kids?). And then what happens when you have to make a call to your husband that you just went into labor or to your kid’s school that grandma will be picking them up today?

In the wake of iPhones, Blackberries and other fancy phone devices, think about some of these scenarios before ushering out your beloved landline.