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Why Yoga Stresses Me Out

I recently started taking yoga. While I briefly engaged in the practice a few years ago, I decided to give it a shot when one of those Groupons came along with an unlimited deal.

I am not that good at yoga. I have been giving it a valiant effort and have definitely stepped up my skills since my last stab it, but I’m not counting on starting my own studio any time soon.

I have to admit, yoga stresses me out. Go ahead, laugh. I know, it sounds absurd. Something that is supposed to be completely Zen and relaxing does the exact opposite for me. I worry if I am doing the poses correctly, if I am breathing in that “special yoga way” and if I’m using the right body parts.

I am person who is in my head more than I should be, but to me, doing yoga is like playing Twister. I’m upside down, pretzel like, not knowing if I’m moving right when they say left while I try to figure out how to roll up one vertebra at a time. Yet, I’m starting to enjoy it, as much as it stresses me out. I am hoping the calmness yoga is supposed to bring will find me soon. In the meantime, Namaste.