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In Support of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a variety of reasons. I love the time of year in which it falls and the traditions my family and I have built around the occasion. Plus, being both Jewish and Catholic, it’s nice to just celebrate without having to bring religion into the mix.

I feel bad for Thanksgiving though because it’s like the red-headed stepchild of Halloween and Christmas. As soon as Halloween is over, I jump at the thought that we’ll soon be cooking turkey, making stuffing and spending time with family and friends.  Sadly, as soon as Halloween is over for most, especially retailers, we are thrown right into Christmas. Can’t we give Thanksgiving a chance?

I know Christmas is the holiday almost everyone (who celebrates that is) gets most excited about. Advertisers throw out the big guns to make those end-of-year profits, kids get excited for presents and let’s be honest, who can compete with Santa Claus? But over the last few years, Christmas has been making an early appearance on TV and in stores, leaving poor Thanksgiving in the dust.

Even when Thanksgiving does get some props, it’s mostly because of Black Friday sales and the start of the holiday shopping season. And these days, deals are being launched before you even put down your drumstick!

I don’t need to be swayed, but I hope that I can convince some of you to enjoy one holiday at a time. Give Thanksgiving a chance – don’t let it be trampled on by Christmas trees and tinsel. Be thankful for the occasion that reminds us to give thanks for all we have and shows us that holiday is truly about family and friends, not Black Friday deals and doorbusters.


Ode to Fall

I have been waiting for today all week. Knowing fall weather was about to hit, I was giddy with excitement. My boots came out from the box and I had an extra spring in my step.

Unlike many of those I know, I cringe when August comes around, as the heat and humidity have already been enough for one season. While I love sitting on a beach all day, the crisp fall air and smell of spice really brings a smile to my face. I adore fall.

Jamming in the car on my way to work, the return of fall, even if only for a day, reminded me of that first day of school, where you put on your new outfit and start the year off with a clean slate. While clean slates are fewer and far between  as we get older, a day like today really brings me back.

Fall to me represents so many delicious things. The leaves change colors and it gets darker earlier. It means shopping for some of the best clothes and shoes that come out all year.  It’s apple and pumpkin picking. Fall brings football and parties, giving you the chance to see your friends again (all of whom have been at other parties, weddings, the shore or vaca). It’s a chance to shed your summer self and get cozy with your friends and family.

Whether you love or hate fall, breathe in the fresh air and use today as a reason to start anew.