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(Supporting) Obama and the Birth Control Debate

Today, President Obama is retooling his decision requiring religious employers to cover birth control for their employees and instead, make insurance companies directly responsible for providing free contraception. I applaud the President for trying to find a common ground while still providing birth control to those in need, but I find the religious right’s opposition on this a bit confusing.

Catholic Church leaders, Republicans and other social conservatives have denounced this as an attack on religious freedom. But what if you are Jewish or Muslim and work for a Catholic employer such as a hospital or university? Hell, what if you are Catholic and work for these organizations? Does that mean you shouldn’t be entitled to low cost or free contraception if you choose? I understand the outcry of mixing church and state, but what about privacy and women’s rights? Who is an employer to tell women they won’t provide them with preventative measures to ensure they don’t get pregnant because of their religious beliefs? Why is that any of their business?

And let’s get real for a moment. Many, if not all of those defending the original decision to provide birth control at no cost to women are anti-abortion. Hey, they have that right, but how can one condemn abortion so harshly, yet not provide women with the contraceptives they need in order prevent them from being put in such a situation? I mean, it’s common sense, isn’t it? The church doesn’t believe in abortion, but it also doesn’t believe in birth control, so therefore, we should just hope and pray the old age “pull out” method works and cross our fingers that we don’t get pregnant, even though there are measures we can take to prevent it. Are you f*ing serious?

Ironically, polls indicate a majority of Americans and Catholics support the rule according to Reuters. A Public Religion Research Institute poll taken last week found 55 percent of Americans want employers to provide healthcare plans that cover contraception and birth control, including nearly six in 10 Catholics.

I think it’s amazing that this plan will allow all women to obtain free or lost cost contraceptives, especially since 99 percent of women have relied upon some type of birth control during their lifetimes. With so many unplanned pregnancies in this world, shouldn’t we do all we can to prevent women and young girls from having to deal with one? It feels like an oxymoron if one doesn’t support abortion, yet won’t make contraceptives available to those who want to prevent unintended pregnancies.


Stop Complaining and Just Walk Through the Full-Body Scanner

Have you heard about the protests and boycotts coming to an airport near you this holiday season? I’m thrilled as I get ready to hop on a plane this weekend.

I’m baffled that so many people are as angry as they are about these new full-body scanners being installed at airports all across the country. They’re complaining that the government is interfering with their flying and that the scans are an invasion of their privacy. Some are even claiming it’s sexual molestation. Are they flippin’ serious?

First, do any of these passengers really think TSA personnel want to look at or touch their “junk,” like John Tyner thought? (Tyner is the passenger who argued with agents while going through security and video taped his encounter, which is now a YouTube sensation.) Personally, I don’t think any man or woman behind that screen wants to see or touch any part of us, let alone our junk. He/she probably just wants to do their job and get the hell out of there. Has anyone ever seen these agents? They certainly don’t look like they want to be there. Do you really think they want to see your cellulite ridden ass or that gross mole with the hair growing out of it on your back? Having to look at your body is likely not what makes their day rosy and bright.

And the cries about government involvement. Please! This country doesn’t know what it wants. For months, Americans have complained that the government interferes in everything they do, but when it doesn’t get involved or step up, everyone’s like, “Where’s the government?” When we need our skies or airports protected, unemployment benefits extended or health care instilled, we run to our government. Yet, when we don’t like what they’re doing, we blame they for everything. It’s like being a teenager who hates your parents, yet you still live under their roof, eat their food and ask them drive you everywhere.

Why would anyone protest security measures being taken at airports? Haven’t terrorists taken enough lives while in our skies already? They continue to try and will go on trying. All the government wants you to do is stand in a scanner or have someone pat you down to protect you and those you love from a harmful attack? Why fight that?

If you have to go through extra steps to ensure the safety of yourself and those you care about, do it. Stop being ignorant, jump off your soap box and don’t make it harder for those of us that don’t oppose making our skies safer by any means necessary.

What’s Up with the NJ State Department of Labor?

It’s only noon and I have already had one of those days…


Just today, I went to a scheduled unemployment orientation order by the State of NJ Department of Labor. I called to confirm my appointment a few weeks, as I had received two different dates in the mail. I was told by a staffer that I must attend both or I would lose my benefits. Seemed odd to me, since it was the same class, but hey, when the government says they’ll take away your money if you don’t do something, you do it. When I got to the office, it was closed and the class was cancelled. Apparently furloughs have taken effect and I wasn’t the only person who didn’t get notified. If I hadn’t shown up though, would they have cancelled my benefits? 


To top off this pleasant experience, I was recently informed that my social security number, among other personal information (which I have worked hard to protect), has been potentially compromised due to errors at the Department of Labor. It may have been sent to employers that really weren’t my employers. Seriously? My state government can’t even keep records straight and private?


What do I pay taxes for?