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The Generosity a Baby Brings

I’ve since gone from beer bottles to baby bottles and with that, I’ve noticed an incredible generosity in people. 

My husband and I recently welcomed a little girl into this world and have been mesmerized by how much she has changed our lives, the lives of our families and our outlook on life. We weren’t too vocal about expecting (i.e. announcing it on Facebook, posting lots of pregnancy photos, etc.), as we felt it was a special, yet personal moment that we didn’t feel the need to share via social media outlets. However, when our daughter was born, we were proud to share her photo to introduce our new little munchkin to everyone. 

With that said, the outpouring of love and kindness we received from friends, family and colleagues, both new and old, was astounding. The amount of messages, calls, texts and emails we got was overwhelming in the best possible way. And the presents we have received from folks has been beyond amazing. In the short two weeks since our daughter was born, gifts have been bestowed upon us from long lost friends to old co-workers to new friends and neighbors. 

I’ve always thought of my husband and I as generous giving people; individuals who give because we want to, not because we expect anything in return. Perhaps that giving is coming back around or maybe we’re still wearing our rose-colored glasses since we expanded our family. Whatever the reason, we couldn’t be happier by the outpouring of love and support we have received from so many during this very exciting time. One of my very best friends told me a baby brings out the best in people. You know what? She was right!


C’mon, Smile and Say Hello

How hard is it to smile and say hello?

Maybe I’m more sensitive to this topic because I am a communicator, a public relations professional, so my world revolves around meeting and greeting others. But frankly, I think people are becoming ruder by the day.

When I walk by someone in a hallway, hold a door open or ride an elevator with them, I say hello or crack a smile. However, I’m finding that others do this far less often. Is my fly down? Do I smell funny? Something on my face?

Is it that hard to say “hello,” “how ya doing,” or just pony your lips to form a grin? I know we all have bad days and sometimes would rather hide under our desks than acknowledge a perfect stranger, a colleague or even the bathroom attendant, but c’mon, don’t we have enough douche bags in the world?

Lately, I’ve noticed that the people I trade pleasantries with are the ones I don’t interact with as often; the security guard, the lady who cleans the hallway, the hot dog vendor. Yet the people I see everyday act like I don’t exist!

What’s wrong with this picture? Shake it off and say hello when people greet you. Please don’t ignore me or the other smilers and greeters of the world! Thank you kindly 🙂