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Over the last year, I learned about this thing called “Swap.” It’s usually a Facebook group in your community that gives you the opportunity to buy, sell and trade stuff that you no longer want or need. I first heard about it when I went to visit a friend in North Carolina. She had just moved into a new home and we were sitting in her sunroom drinking wine. I was admiring the furniture she had in there so I asked where she got it, as I too was working on fixing up our own sunroom. And that’s when she told me about Swap.

So Swap has these great things and these stupid things that people are trying to buy and sell. I participate. I’ve tried to sell tarot cards, a bed frame, a cookbook holder, new baby clothes – a variety of different things. I’ve sold a few things here and there, not for very much, but it’s nice to know something you never used or will never use again can find life in a new home. Yes, I could donate it, which I do with so many things, but some of this stuff is brand new, never been used or taken out of a box so why not try and make a few extra bucks? I’ve bought things too. Only one actually, but it was a great purchase – a ride along car for my daughter for all of $10. Sure it was used, but no one knows the difference, least of all her, and I saved myself about $40, so it was a win-win. I’m sure I’ll do it again.

What irks me about Swap is some of the shit that some people try to sell. I know, I tried to sell tarot cards, but just hear me out. I don’t want to offend anyone. I know that times are tough for people and a good deal is hard to come by. But I’m not down with selling a potty seat or a kid’s toilet. I think it’s gross. I don’t care how much you bleached it or cleaned it; the amount you’re selling for and what I could buy a fresh one right out of the box for is incomparable. Just throw it out or donate it. Do you really need that $3 you’re selling it for? Hey, maybe you do, and if so, I’m sorry, I really am, but wouldn’t you rather have the tax write-off for donating it to Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Veterans Council than $3 lousy bucks? I’m sure you’d get a lot more ROI.

And before you go on about how we sit on toilets all day long in random places where random people have been and these little potties are probably cleaner than those, let me just say, for me, sitting on a random toilet is something I pretty much HAVE to do. And unless I’m in France, I don’t have to pay for it.

All in all, I’m a fan of the Swap. It’s a great way to get something on the cheap or simply get rid things you don’t need.  Some stuff is even free; people just want it out of their house without having to do the work (calling to schedule a pick up, putting everything together in bags or boxes, etc.). And if you can make a few bucks by selling old designer purses, furniture or gifts that you never really liked or used, why not. Just keep those potties to yourselves.