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Men and Their (Lack of) Summer Work Clothes

With the raging heat upon us, I am trying to choose my outfits accordingly. My office is chilly, yet it’s nearly 100 degrees outside. Thankfully, I have a myriad of options. My husband on the other hand, along with so many men I pass in the streets of New York City, don’t have the same advantage.

While I sometimes envy men and their wardrobes because they’re simple and less complicated, my heart breaks for guys on a day like today (and will again tomorrow), when I think of the few options they have to wear to work on a hot summer day.

Imagine having to wear jeans or pants in this heat? How about a long sleeved, collared shirt? Or a suit no less? Most guys can’t go to work in flip flops or shorts, whereas girls can mix and match, making something out of nothing (and still look cute and presentable).

So while the heat bears down on us, and the sticky humidity ruins our hair, I have to give a shout out to all the men out there who are walking to work, commuting on buses, trains and subways, and withstanding this heat with far less options for comfort. Here’s to you boys!


What (Not) To Wear?!?

Help! I have no idea what to wear! The last few weeks have wreaked havoc on my wardrobe. Don’t even get me started on the shoe debacle.

The weather is seriously putting a cramp in both my styling and closet. Usually this time of year, I start putting the sweaters in a bin in the closet hidden away with the rest of my winter essentials. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Hoboken which is lovely, but limited on space for two grown people, so I’m forced to pack away. You see, I share a closet with my husband who also has tons of clothes and most recently started appreciating my shoe addiction by starting one of his own, leaving me with even less (of our already limited) space.

Needless to say, I have been unable to store what I normally do this time of year because the climate is having a serious identity crisis. Today I am in suede boots, yet last week, I was wearing the summer dresses and sandals. And it’s not just me! At work, some people are in sweaters, while others are sporting espadrille wedges. Something seriously needs to give.

Who wouldn’t be confused? What do you wear when it’s 50 degrees in the morning, but hits 75 in the mid- to late afternoon and rains every day? I feel like I need separate outfits and accessories  before leaving the house and an entirely new shoe regimen.

So my dear Mother Nature, I kindly ask that you move forward to the warm weather (and less rain just because I miss the sun) so I can utilize what little space I have and dress without such utter confusion!