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Eating in Bed

How many of you eat in bed? Not a chicken parm sandwich or anything, but like a bagel, a cookie, maybe some popcorn?

My husband and I have an ongoing debate about eating in bed. I am all for it, while he is strongly against it. Honestly, I think it has something to do with how you’re raised. Growing up, we’d hang out in my parents’ king-sized bed to watch movies or our favorite TV shows and we’d nosh. My dad would bring up a tray of dip and chips or cheese and pretzels and we’d chow down. I never thought anything of it until my husband told me, “You aren’t supposed to eat in bed Michelle.” Say what?

At first it was funny. He would say, “No eating cookies in bed, Ernie,” referencing the infamous exchange between Sesame Street’s Burt and Ernie. He’d occasionally eat in bed, but he’s less tolerant now that we’ve shared a bed for nearly 10 years. He says I leave crumbs in bed, which somehow find their way onto his side. I don’t agree. I’m rarely, if ever, eating under the covers. When we’re watching a movie in bed, I want to eat the popcorn or ice cream all snug in bed without interrupting the film. And when I’m sick, it’s a no brainer (though he’s much more lenient when I’m sick). I’m not eating dinner or a big meal, though admittedly, I have indulged in a cup of soup for lunch sometimes while I’m here by myself.  Shhh!

I’ve since starting asking friends about their “eating in bed” habits and it’s pretty mixed, though I think fewer people eat in bed than I had imagined. So what do you think? Is it OK to eat in bed? The jury is still out in our household!


Step Off My Movie Theater Popcorn

Have you heard about how Congress and the FDA want to stop you from eating movie theater popcorn? Are you making the same “Are you kidding me?” face?

It has been announced that these two entities want to curb your caloric intake by disclosing nutritional figures for theater concession stands. When I first heard the news, I almost gagged.

I know we are a weight obsessed country, endlessly counting fat and calories, debating if celebrities are too thin or too fat, but this is ridiculous. Haven’t we all heard how bad movie theater popcorn is for us? Everything in moderation people. A tub of popcorn from your favorite theater is not going to kill you. Eat it every day and there might be cause for concern, but seriously, how many people are eating that much popcorn?

Sometimes, the popcorn is the best part of the movie-going experience. If I want to count calories, I’ll go to Weight Watchers. If I want to indulge, shouldn’t I be able to do so without the government forcing me to know exactly how many calories I’m consuming?

I understand some restaurants have to put nutritional information on their menus, but the theater is a place you go to immerse yourself in fantasy, science-fiction, romance or belly-aching laughs, not feel bad about treating yourself to a tub of buttery goodness every now and then.

So please, kindly step off my movie theater popcorn. I’m going to continue eating at my own risk…and enjoyment!