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The Breaking News Concept

I’m a news junkie. Always have been. In the past, if you came to my house or got in my car, you’d likely find a TV or radio station tuned to the news. Local news, national news, you name it, I was informed.

I think I got this way partially because of my dad. He’d religiously watch the evening news each night when we were growing up; still does to this day. The other side of me believes my background in Public Relations played a large role too. Always being “in the know” for trends and current events, tracking coverage, and pitching reporters makes you interested in everything that is going on the world, whether it’s close to home or half way around the globe.

Recently though, I’ve started to hate the news. Every time I turn on the TV, there’s “breaking news.” When I would see that bright red rectangular box come across my screen, there was typically urgent, informative news to tune in to. Not anymore. These days, “breaking news” is two inches of snow in Northern New Jersey; or childish jabs from political candidates. Long gone are the days of real breaking news, like what happened in Brussels in this week.

When I turned on my TV Tuesday morning, I saw tons of “breaking news.” I assumed it was just something silly again that CNN or MSNBC deemed “breaking” just for ratings or to grab attention. Probably something about Trump and the violence at his rallies or Hulk Hogan’s sex tape scandal. Sadly, this really was breaking news and I was tuned in, just like I used to be; glued to the television, with news on in the background as I made lunch, cleaned the house and drove in the car.

I am so disappointed that networks try and grab our attention with these breaking news scrolls about celebrity couples breaking up or that there is rain in the forecast. What happened to the news that actually drew people to the channel? I don’t want bad things happening in our world, which is typically when your regularly scheduled programming is interrupted, but I think it’s time we take a closer look at what is really considered “breaking” the days to get people to trust our news sources once again.


How Disasters Warm Our Hearts

I am mesmerized by the Chilean miner rescue effort. I can’t stop watching it. Thank god for live streaming.

I am usually so into these stories. I have always consider myself a certified “disaster junkie,” even before my Red Cross days. I can sit in front of the TV for hours listening to coverage reports on natural disasters, shootings, anything that truly makes an impact on human lives.

My husband was actually the one who followed this story. Surprisingly, I didn’t know much of it. I read about it in the paper and caught a glimpse here and there on the news, but not like I normally know about stories like this. Maybe it wasn’t covered as much as other incidents, or maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention.

However, on Tuesday night, when the rescue efforts began, my television didn’t move passed CNN. I was glued in all night in hopes of seeing the first miner successfully rescued.

Thankfully, that moment happened just around 11 p.m. It was amazing. I didn’t know these people, they didn’t know me. Their existence didn’t affect me in the least, but I was crying and joyful and embracing the fact that this man, and the 32 remaining behind him, would soon be able to rejoin the lives they once had, hopefully in a better state than before.

Watching the coverage reminded me of when “Baby Jessica” was rescued from a well more than 20 years ago. She was the little girl who fell down the black hole in her backyard while her mother went to answer the phone. The whole world watched the efforts of rescuers try to save this one little girl. Now, a nation so far away, has once again captivated the eyes and hearts of people around the world.

I’m sure there are already book deals in the works and movies waiting to be made about the amazing rescue taking place as this piece is written. But for now, before all the salaciousness sets in and we go back to watching garbage reality TV and nasty political debates, let us enjoy the moment of a miracle happening right before our eyes. Let’s rejoice for the families that are reuniting with loved ones and pray for those that are still making their way up the shaft.