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Classmates Shouldn’t Drive You To Kill Yourself

I’m really disturbed by the Tyler Clementi story. Tyler is the Rutgers University freshman who jumped off the George Washington Bridge and killed himself because his college roommate, Dhaurn Ravi, videotaped him having sex with another male and broadcast it online with the help of friend Molly Wei.

It’s so sad that people would do this to another human being; humiliate and embarrass a peer like that. Was your life that uninteresting that you had to tape someone else’s sexual encounters? Did you really have nothing better to do? Was this supposed to make you look cool to your friends? Or maybe you wanted to make sure that no one thought you were gay too?

Whatever the reasons, it was wrong, and disgusting. And the fact that someone lost their life in the process makes the whole thing even more dreadful. Even if Tyler chose not to take his own life, this was a deceitful, sadistic act. I hope you both rot in jail.

When I was in school, people teased one another, we all did things we weren’t proud of, physical violence even came into play, but I don’t remember ever feeling so degraded or humiliated that I wanted to end my own life.

These days, going to school, growing up and dating all seem so much harder than when I was younger. I know I am showing my age here, but seriously, you shouldn’t be tormented by bastards and bullies while trying to get an education, meet new people and become a better person.

Throughout our existence, we’ll always encounter people who want to make our lives more difficult for no good reason. When those people get you down, think about Tyler Clementi and the countless other young people who died too soon because of public ridicule. And for those causing the pain, think of those you’re hurting and what the consequences may be. Life is far too great to take it away from others, or yourself.


Today is HAPPO – NYC PR Pro Ready for Action!

I’m selling myself for Help a PR Pro Out Day (HAPPO), taking place on February 19 and April 30. Everything else I have done to find a job hasn’t worked so maybe this will help me and all my creative PR friends find jobs again and we’ll live happily ever after.

So for all you employers out there looking for a talented PR professional with nearly 10 years experience in communications, public relations and writing, you have come to the right place. Here I am! Hire me!

Most recently, I worked with the American Red Cross of Northern New Jersey as the Director of Communications.  I experienced things in this role that I never thought imaginable. I traveled to disaster ravaged areas in a public affairs role, meeting with local and national media to deliver the message of the Red Cross. I was humbled by families who were impacted by disaster and built bonds with colleagues from across the nation.  I was N.J.’s lead spokesperson during two of the most notable aviation disasters in the northeast: US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River and Continental Airlines flight 3407 in Buffalo. I watched miracles and heartbreak occur within a month of one another.  And then they eliminated my department.

Whether I was on the ground or behind a desk, it was my job to make sure the mission of the organization was relayed to the public. I built a department from nothing. It was a challenge but something I am so proud of.  I did everything PR related.  Press releases, media interviews, collateral materials, editorial web content, fundraising and crisis communications, strategic planning, managing umbrella chapters’ communications; should I keep going?

Prior to joining a non-profit, which was a life-long dream, I worked with agencies in New York City handling the day-to-day duties of public relations.

In addition to my work in non-profit and media/entertainment, my industry experience spans corporate, beauty, fashion and consumer. I am also a contributing writer with a local newspaper in Essex County, New Jersey and a writer for Examiner.com

What I love about PR is bringing groundbreaking news or technology into the lives of everyday people. I like seeing an idea that seems lifeless suddenly grow leaps and bounds, all because of careful execution, determination and skill. I miss that. I miss being a part of that. Help bring me back there!

I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter and you can read my inner workings here. I look forward to hearing from you. And thanks for helping out this community. It’s been a rough year for our industry.