4 responses to “Why I Broke Up With My Credit Card Over Paperless Billing

  1. You made the right move to cancel that account. Cancelling a store card does not have the impact on your credit score like a regular credit card, auto loan, or mortgage would. Not to mention you’ve had that Express card since you were 18. Being one of your 1st cards, I am sure you’ll be fine. Great story regardless.

  2. I am surprised that they can get away with things like that. Not that they can do it to you but I have a lot of volunteers who are a bit on the older side and do not use computers for most things (and certainly not for things like banking). I normally get in trouble for making generalizations about older people and computers, but there is a clear ability gap based on age, and this is a clear extra charge on those who either don’t have computer access or who are not computer literate.

  3. While I’ll concede that this is bad business; they will probably lose more customers than they will save money on paper, I do applaude a proactive step taken by the company to try to decrease the some 220 billion pieces of mail that get sent thru the USPS.

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